The Content Map


The Content Map is a site designed to showcase the wealth of legal services available to consumers, across films and tv, ebooks, music, games and sports sectors. These services may be accessed through computer, web-enabled television, mobile phones, games consoles or other internet-enabled devices, but they all have in common the ability for consumers to access creative content digitally through their services. The website also features ‘jargon busting’ and FAQ section which clarifies the sometimes technical and confusing terminology that is used online.


The Content Map has been created by industry representatives to help teachers, parents and other consumers know which sites are legal. We appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult for consumers to know legal sites from illegal sites, and this is why we have come together to create a central hub where consumers will be secure in the knowledge that they will be accessing content legally.


Further information about the sponsors of The Content Map can be found under useful links along with other useful sources of information about how to keep safe and legal online.


We’ve tried to make The Content Map as comprehensive as possible, but if you are a service provider of digital content and not listed on the site please contact contact@thecontentmap.com to be listed.